23 Acres off of Hwy 21

Hwy 21 @ Grist mill, Uhland, TX 78640

Owner would be willing to sell in-part at prices to be determined.


Price: $45,000 per acre

Zoning: GB

Frontage: Approximately 1,530’ of frontage with 3 existing curb cuts on Hwy 21, one aligning with FM 2720. Approximately 1,036‘ of frontage on Grist Mill Rd.

Topography: Property is relatively flat/level

Flood Hazard: No portion of the property is in the FEMA floodplain.

Jurisdiction: The Property is in the ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) of Uhland; the majority of the Property is within the city limits. (map attached)

Location: Property is on the northwest corner of Hwy 21 (Camino Real rd/ Airport Hwy.) and Grist Mill Rd (CR 153),across from the Bon Tom Meat Market and Country Store